Thank you for taking part in this survey we will be using your responses to feed into an exciting data visualisation project which is geared to communicate people’s opinions about a variety of social issues.

Labels and stereotypes

All young people are binge-drinking, knife-wielding, hoodies, right? We want to find out the truth behind the labels and stereotypes. Tell us who you really are and we'll visualise the truth for the world to see.

The statistics are there to be viewed, used and played with. Go to the results page to discover all kinds of interesting facts: for example, are girls more likely to have plastic surgery than boys? Or does owning a hoodie means you're more likely to know someone who carries a knife?

  1. Have you or any of your friends carried a knife for protection or with the intention of harming someone?

  2. Have you ever shoplifted goods worth more than a fiver?

  3. The government recommended drinking guidelines are 2 - 3 units a day for women and 3 - 4 units for men. Units are measured as: A pint of beer = 2.5 units. A large glass of wine = 3 units. A shot of spirits = 1 unit. Do you consider drinking more than the recommended guidelines to be acceptable behaviour?

  4. Is it normal to have sex before the age of 16?

  5. Are drugs OK for recreational use?

  6. Are you interested in politics?

  7. If money wasn't an issue, would you have plastic surgery?

  8. Are you happy with the relationship you have with your family?

  9. Do you own a hoodie?

  10. Have you ever suffered from an eating disorder, such as anorexia, bulimia or binge eating?

  11. Is it irresponsible to be a teenage mum?

  12. Do you respect your elders?