Apathetic youth

16th October, 2009


With politics currently a buzz word being banded about with an unnerving regularity these days, I’ve began questioning whether Politics has suddenly become ‘cool’. Following on from the launch of the Voicebot in Parliament, people have taken the time to take me to one side and discuss a series of political issues with me – something I would have thought absurd and quite franly laughable only a few months ago. After having a heavy discussion around whether Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize so early on into his presidency, I found myself looking at politics as a genuine subject of interest amongst my wider group of friends and not, as I have often feared, as one of those weird things that they have to put up with in order to let me hang around with them. It has developed into some sort of intellectual conversation starter, replacing football, women and other people’s misfortunes as a legitimate way to begin a chat with a bunch of mates. At the previous ritual post-Uni pub crawl I began a group conversation with ‘who feels sorry for Gordon Brown?’, which went on to digress into a long drunken debate over who was better looking out of a young Tony Blair and the cocky upstart in the form of David Cameron. Someone also admitted to fancying Boris Johnson… And they say we’re apathetic. Pah!

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