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2nd November, 2009


We just thought we should explain what happens to all your messages now that The Voicebot has returned to the place that robots come from (in this case, Germany).  Even though the installation in Parliament is over we still want to know what you care about because we will still be using these messages to have conversations with MPs to try and make change happen.  We will be collecting your messages until at least early 2010.  So there is still time to let us know who or what you care about, what worries you or maybe even what the government (or anyone) has done to make you mad.  Tell them what you would like to change and hopefully we’ll start to have some influence.

All the messages that were written out by The Voicebot are not only stored in the results section on this website but also in a Flickr gallery online called The Robot Gallery.  It’s really amazing reading through these, I recommend putting it on the slide show setting.  All of these messages were written by 16-25 year olds or at the very least people who claimed to be this age.

All the messages that were sent by people outside of this age bracket (older or younger) are stored in The Digital Gallery.  They are the same dimensions of a post card but they are computer generated.  The number of bubbles represents the number of words in the message.  Pretty neat.

From now on all messages sent by 16-25 year olds will go into a new and separate digital gallery which you can find here, this way we can continue to build a picture of what 16-25s care about even now The Voicebot has gone.  Sweet.

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