The Voicebot Message Book

8th October, 2009


The Voicebot has arrived in Houses of Parliament and is writing out your messages right now. For real.  You can watch it on the webcam here.

On Monday 12th October, MPs will return to Parliament after their summer break and will find our robot, working away, writing out your messages for them to read.  Make sure you use this opportunity to tell them what you care about.

We will be asking MPs and people passing through Parliament to register their comments and responses to your messages in the comments section below.

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15 Responses to “The Voicebot Message Book”

  1. Louise says:

    There needs to be more RESPECT!
    To much KNIFE and GUN crime is going on and to meny young lifes going to waste!
    We all need to do somthink to STOP it and make a change!
    And we all need help to do it!
    So let’s make that change!

  2. Mike Dowsing says:

    Re last mesage from Louise
    Louise, going back to school and learning to spell and compose text
    without capitals and exclamation marks would help.

  3. Y says:

    Surely it would be better for young people to contact their own MP using or and know that their message would actually be seen by their MP and replied to, rather than if their (or any) MP happened to pass in the corridor.

  4. Sam Moores says:

    Interesting comments with clear focus on community and social responsibilty. How do we get that message across?

  5. James Gray; MP of North Wiltshire says:

    Very good and eye-catching idea. We must engage young people – this sort of exhibition is excellent!

  6. Mikey Sinclair says:

    I think MP’s should do workshops directly with Young People to get them more involved in politics, but in a fun and interactive way.

  7. joan says:

    i think that MP’s should have minimum contractual level of youth engaement as part of their terms and conditions of office

  8. Dave says:

    Great ideas, agree with all of them!

  9. Ahmed Shebani says:

    I came to a lecture in parliament and I am very happy to notice the Voicebox stand. It is an extremely good idea to have a platform for young people to express their views on political issues. I hope politicians will read such frank simple messages in order to see things from different angles.
    Well done young people. Keep at it until one day your collective voices will make positive change.

  10. Tarik says:

    Please be aware that not all these comments are submitted by people in Parliament, some have been added by people online.

    Mike Dowsing, we don’t believe in censoring but your intolerance tested our stance.

    Y, have you seen the results section on this website? An way for politicians and other people to access the results is available – the tag wheel shows the top 20 most repeated words, should help to identify trends. The filters also help to sift through views by gender, age, region and ethnicity. Its not a perfect system but its breathing a bit of new life into old ways of communicating with MPs.

    Keep the comments coming!

  11. Arjanit Beqiri says:

    To provide young people with more playing activities, both entertaining and educational to help take them off the streets

  12. Sadiq Khan MP says:

    Been looking at some of the issues raised. Well done to Voicebox for doing this. We need to be more accountable to young people..

  13. Andrew Spencer says:

    A great project for people to express their views and for politicians to listen to the voice of young people.

  14. David Kaye says:

    Rational thoughts from a section of society that are not supposed to care.

  15. Jonathan Tamás says:

    Politics needs to allow itself to be boring again. The vast majority of it is dull, but perfectly necessary, quibbling over budgets and wording of bills, and so on and so forth. There is a sense now that unless it is shown to be exciting, politics will not be seen to be worth one’s time by the younger generations. Government initiatives based on this assumption will be inherently deceptive, only serving to alienate them from the very demographic at which they target their attentions. The dullness of British politics is one of its great strengths: in America we have the current struggle over Obama’s healthcare bill, and this is seen to be exciting. In European countries there are fierce battles over matters of race and immigration, far louder and nastier than anything we have here. People seem to think our politicians should be the same, but the fact is, the three main parties have roughly agreed on the basics of how the country ought to be run, arguing mostly over details. The problem is, the politicians themselves want to be in power, and much like different sects of the same religion, believe their interpretation of what has been agreed on to be somehow sacred, so those details on which they differ become increasingly viciously argued. The problem is, this idea of appealing to the youth through “exciting” and “engaging” formats feeds into this. The other problem, of course, is that their efforts to appeal via blogs and podcasts and other trendy things, do not reek of earnestness.

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