Views mean prizes…if you’re lucky!

8th December, 2009


Some of you may not realize that everyone that completes a survey on Voicebox and leaves us their email address gets entered into a draw to win a dream pass prize.

We were trying to think of what a good prize would be, and we figured the best prize of all would be if you could choose exactly what you wanted to win, right?  We thought you lot deserved a really brilliant experience or something that would really help you out or save you money.  And you know whats best.

Ellie from Hertfordshire is our latest prize winner (see how she smiles in the picture?  That is the smile of a mildly triumphant winner).  She asked us to get her a couple of tickets to the Big Chill festival for her and her boyfriend, and we made it so.  Ellie said, “This is the best prize ever!  I’m much happier with winning a prize that suits me than something I may not particularly enjoy. The choices of prize covers almost all tastes and the chance to do something I normally wouldn’t have the money for is amazing.”

Our two previous winners Daniel and Pippa chose to receive a years cinema pass for them and a friend.  But you can ask for anything… providing its legal, in this country and you’re old enough!

There’s only one more opportunity to win a dream pass, so get on with it and complete the Community survey and you could be creating your own bespoke prize.  Remember you need to submit your email address to be entered into the draw – you’ll be asked for this after you answer a few short demographic questions at the end of the survey.  Have patience.  Its worth it!

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