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2nd November, 2009


So my time with Voicebox is over and done now, and I’m off to concentrate on my studies in Anthropology & Sociology at Goldsmiths university. Without wanting to get too emotional and before I start digressing into how much I shall miss you all, I want to thank everyone that has helped to push this project along.  The bottom line is that we couldn’t have got this far without your support and views.

Voicebox lives on and still needs people to complete the surveys and register your opinions (don’t forget its not completely selfless you can win a pretty cool prize if you do!).  The data and views which are collected through Voicebox will be used to inform a bigger piece of research which analyzes young people and their influence on this country of ours (more information on this project will come very soon).  This is going to be used to further advise MPs and policy makers on British youth.

I hope that so far you have found the project thought-provoking and for those that have taken part I hope you feel as though you’ve been heard. We set out to provide a platform for politicians, local authorities, youth workers and young people to get a little closer to one another and I certainly feel that we’ve got a lot closer to achieving this, but there’s still a long way to go and that’s why the Voicebox remains open and online.  It continues to be a place for you to register your views and for anyone interested in the kids and young adults of this country to get a gauge for their opinions on big social issues. UK Youth Parliament’s take over day in Parliament is just another small step on this road for a more efficient and inclusive democractic system.  Keep it coming.

My colleague Charlotte will be taking over the blogging on here once I’m gone, no doubt she will keep you informed of all the stuff that’s going on as and when.

I’ve enjoyed working on Voicebox and I’ve learnt a great deal along the way. I hope you have too. Nice.

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