A little rant about ‘the lost generation’

14th August, 2009

Lost Generation?

It emerged yesterday that rising unemployment figures caused by the recession, could give birth to a lost generation of young people.

With people being forced to work well past the expected retirement age, coupled with rising living costs and far fewer jobs, the media have warned of a potential lost generation as graduates and young job seekers, looking for what scarce jobs are available, shall be overlooked for their more experienced peers. Backed up by stats, facts and even a pretty map or two, the fate of our nation’s young people has become not only hugely more disparaging than previously [which, if you'll remember, was pretty darn disparaging to begin with], as the youth, should they make it to adulthood [knives are 'rampant' don't you know], will find themselves in a pit of their own self misery, pity and self loathing.

The reality shall be far from the tabloid truth. I’m no fortune teller, witch or mini deity – I’m just positive about young people [something which I can't say is true of the mass media].

Interesting, then, that there has been no space for the inevitable inspirational, innovative, quick-on-your-feet thinking that has become second nature to larger and larger amounts of kids. We, ‘generation Y’ [or 'net-geners', or whatever people want to call us], have the added advantage of being totally computer literate, truly versed in social media and with an intimate knowledge of one’s own PR [Facebook, Myspace Twitter - they're all basically just one's own PR campaign after all]. We inherently have skills that older people inherently don’t [the kind of stuff that they'll go on fuddy duddy courses to learn], whilst the idea of social innovation, entrepreneurship and forward thinking oozes from our every pour. The adaptive social skills are instilled within us,[without the prejudices of generations before] and we’ve grown up seeing creativity at every corner, so much so that we don’t even regard it as creativity it is just the norm. Our self worth has been inspired by the web, whilst becoming an overnight success is a formality as much as it is a reality.

We are inspired and the inspirational. We are the aspirational and the aspiring.

I find it difficult to believe that we could be anything less than the architects of the next generation, as we clean up the mess of those previous.

And we’re the lost generation?


Image taken from here. Oh and P.S.: Let’s be optimistic, the future’s bright n’ all that!

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One Response to “A little rant about ‘the lost generation’”

  1. T says:

    if we are the lost generation then how come i see so many teenagers roaming the streets with nothing better to do, in their minds, than destroy communal places and abuse others? which for them is the norm. I myself being a teenager, can testify to the amount of spare time we have these days because the minority, dubbed ‘chavs’, who are often the ones doing the abusing and causing the destruction to the community, abuse what people give to them and therefore people stop giving us the facilities and their time that the majority of us, who use and respect these things that are given, usually without or with minimum charge. the futures bright?! HA! From what iv seen the future is being given to those who will abuse what they’re given and dont work for what they have. Never have worked for it and never will. make them work! then they may start to appreciate what they have. i have considered the other side to this argument which is; it will punish those that respect what they’re given. yet, im prepared to work a little bit to teach those who hav no respect how to appreciate what they have. if no one else is then they could be considered almost as bad as those abuseing everything because they are standing by and doing nothing about it. However, all this will not be accomplished over night and it will most likely take a nation wide effort as they will move to those places that offer ‘refuge’ as a haven to the crackdown upon those that have no respect and therefor will not change! a certain percentage of todays youth has become a set of unruly, ungrateful degenerates who hav more influence over the kids of today than adults and therefor the kids are more likely to follow their footsteps. i have seen it happen. i see it happening. and it will continue to happen unless changes are implemented and it should not be the changes devised by those who have lost touch with the world that is collappseing around them but those who endure the brunt of the abuse. which is mostly other teenagers. when they start to learn that nothing is free then they may start to appreciate just how much they are destroying and ruining for other people for as they shut doors for themselves they shut the doors for others in the community around them. not all of them are ‘hoodies’ either. i wear hoodies and do not cause wanton pointless destruction and do not commit acts of random violence against people. i deplore it. the question will we make it to adulthood has been uttered amongst me and my friends with increasing frequency these days. the question today is not whether i we will make to adulthood but where we will make it to adulthood? will we make behind bars? in hospital intensive care? confined to our own home with 24 hour care? call me pessimistic if you want, but this is worst generation this country has ever seen and if action is not taken this will become the norm and things will continue to get worse.
    T. Manchester

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