Knives, forks and all manner of other sharp pointy things…

13th July, 2009


So a spate of recent knife related attacks between young people has not only pushed knife crime to the forefront once again, but it has rekindled the fear of knives amongst young people. Walking through Liverpool Street station the other day I saw at least four young men, predominantly black, being searched diligently by a posse of tough looking police officers, a sight that shall become more common as summer rolls on, and, especially, as public fear of young people cracks up. So is knife crime an out of control, rampant phenomenon that is about to strike the nation, transforming our young people into feral, aggressive beasts, preying upon one another, each with a razor sharp blade in gloved hand? Not as our research currently indicates [sorry all you eager red tops]. Though a fairly sized 13% have admitted to knowing people that carry knives, or, at some point in their lives, have themselves, a whopping 85% have said that they don’t, and haven’t. Perhaps some of these fear mongers could tune in to the Voicebox program to get some real opinion before the inaccurate stereotyping gets going… Again.

I recently came across these clever people here, who are doing some very interesting, exciting things with kids and, alike us, are all about giving the young ‘uns a voice whilst ensuring adults listen to these views, opinions and grievances. Nice, nice, stay tuned for more stereotype busting!

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2 Responses to “Knives, forks and all manner of other sharp pointy things…”

  1. Ashlee. says:

    Im from Manchester & its like nearly everyday you hear that somebody has lost their life, most often its teen on teen violence. If its not knifes its guns, it makes me sick to think i have a son & its goin to get worse as he gets older, im not going to want to let him out of my sight. Something needs doing but i dont think it will ever change, not meaning to sound depressing or anything but it seems impossible to get through to these people.

  2. tarik says:

    Ashlee we’ll definitely find a way ‘to get through to these people’, we have to! If we can’t then who can. We’re not only going to attempt to change perceptions, but to also show another side to the mentality of young people, something which people seemingly don’t want to hear about or know about. Would be great to hear more from you, it would be great hearing more of your opinions.

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